Portable, Powerful Ozonated Water Jet Spray

Battery Operated, weighs about 1KG, the SG-OzPAK generates up to 2PPM of Dissolved Ozone in a Jet Spray to clean and sanitise

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How does it work? Ozone water is a powerful disinfectant.

Inside is a Powerful Compact Ozone Generator


Weighing less than 500 grams, the SG-OzPAK has a powerful battery operated Ozone Generator that has the power to dissolve up to 2PPM of Ozone into the powerful water jet

Rechargeable Battery for up to 12 hours of operation


Just plug the SG-OzPAK into any power point, and the rechargeable battery will give you a full 12 hours of operation on a single charge. Recharging takes about 2 hours, and you're ready to go again.

Cleans, Sanitises (kills up to 99.99% of germs) and Deodorises in one go


No more smelly toilets! The ProMedUSA Sg-OzPAK's ozonated water Jet Spray instantly kills odours, while also cleaning and sanitising almost any washable surface. Clean floors, cars, toilets, bathrooms, patio's, driveways, factory floors, shopping . malls - where ever you would use a jet spray - you can use the SG-OzPAK


Proven results at 3 locations in singapore.

Odours are greatly reduced and germs and bacteria are virtually eliminated in just one application.

As the chart above shows, using a professional Odour Meter, with just a single wash the odours were reduced by 30% or more. Additional washings will completely eliminate the odours.

Using a professional certified $4,500 SystemSure ATP Monitor, the results show that with just a single wash with the SG-OzPak's Ozonated Water the toilet's bacteria count was almost totally destroyed.

Proven to kill germs instantly

Swab test at a very smelly 5 Star Singapore Hotel Men's toilet

Swab test proves the germ killing power of the ProMedUSA SG-OzPAK ozonated Water Jet Spray

Before washing with the SG-OzPAK, the bacteria count was 7,548. Immediately after washing with the SG-OzPAK the bacteria count dropped to just 301

Another Swab Test at a different 5 Star Singapore Hotel Men's Toilet

Bacteria count reduced from 2,726 to just 99 with one wash of the SG-OzPAK's ozonated Water

Even after housekeeping cleaned this gent's toilet, the bacteria count was 2,728. After a quick rinse with the powerful Ozonated Water Jet Spray, the bacteria count was just 99

Watch these videos - click on the images

Quickly clean and deodorise a toilet.

The ProMedUSA SG-OzPAK quickly cleans, sanitises and deodorises a very smelly men's toilet in less t

Click on the picture to watch how the OzPAK quickly cleans, sanitises and deodorises a very smelly men's toilet.

Wash a car in seconds, watch it dry spot free without wiping


Click on the picture to watch how the SG-OzPAK's powerful ozonated water jet spray quickly washes dirt and grime off a car. And, there's no need to wipe it dry either. The Ozonated Water will dry spot free in moments.

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